Feeling uninspired by the costume options at the Halloween store? Create your own one-of-a-kind easy Halloween costume with an Ever-Pretty evening dress. A DIY costume means you’re guaranteed to be unique, whether you’re going to a Halloween party or dressing up for a contest.

An elegant evening gown is a perfect centerpiece for a spooky yet sexy Halloween costume. The key to changing your dress from formal-event worthy to Halloween party-ready is accessories and makeup. Wear a scary wig, create an extreme makeup look, or add some ghoulish props to create a striking look that will really stand out.

We’ve created three easy DIY Halloween looks incorporating some of our favorite evening gowns. Which one is your favorite?

The Undead Starlet

A classic black lace evening dress can be the foundation for endless Halloween looks and be reused for future formal events too. For an undead Hollywood starlet look, think glamorous movie star zombie. Choose elegant accessories like a pearl necklace, long gloves, and high heels. For hair, keep it disheveled, you can even spray it with temporary grey or white hair color. We love extreme makeup for this look, like this skeleton creation from Instagram makeup artist Vanessa.

The Glamorous Vampire


The vampire craze of the mid-to-late-2000s may have died down, but dressing as a vampire for Halloween will never get old. Channeling a glamorous vampire is easy with this dramatic ruffled peplum evening dress. This beautiful burgundy dress can be paired with dramatic vampire-esque makeup and fake blood to create a stunning Halloween look. For makeup inspiration, check out Instagrammer imogenhearts who created the perfect glamorous vampire makeup look.

The Mysterious Mermaid

This show-stopping ombre sequin dress with blue-green sequins screams mermaid! Embrace the popular mermaid trend and incorporate this dramatic evening gown into your Halloween costume. Accessorize with a seashell necklace or bracelet and curl your hair into loose, beachy waves. For makeup, choose bright colors like turquoise, blue, or green. We love Instagrammer imogenhearts beautiful mermaid look using green and gold glitter.

Whether you decide to create an intense makeup look or add clever accessories and props, our evening dresses can be the base of countless DIY Halloween costumes. These looks can be as simple or dramatic as you want them to be. All Ever-Pretty dresses are priced at less than $100 and once Halloween’s over, your dress can be worn again and again.